What is companion care?

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This service involves a carefully matched companion visiting on a regular basis to provide "quality of life" services that can truly make all the difference.

A Paradigm staff member initiates a relationship, then assists or supports their Client in achieving meaningful goals as determined by each Client or their family members. Companion care can be as simple as taking a Client out for supper or to a show once a week, or as involved as seeing a Client everyday like a true friend.

...achieving meaningful goals as determined by each Client or their family members

This service is often provided in age care facilities of varying supports, but it can also be provided to seniors still living privately in the community. This Companion care may also include End of Life care, in that the Companion provides comfort measures even in the final months of life.

Here are some real-life examples of Paradigm’s Companion Care Service:

  • Dan, a senior citizen in a long-term care facility, used to be an award-winning billiards player. He and his Companion often played billiards in the facility’s Games Room.
  • Paradigm staff member Christine often went for walks outside with her Client Devin, who is developmentally disabled. They especially enjoyed watching local wildlife.
  • Brent’s Companion would regularly pick up items for him from the public library and would often make runs to local restaurants to bring Brent meals of his choosing.
  • Rose and her Companion recently went for a drive in the country to see the old farm & homestead on which Rose was raised.
  • A Companion named Suzy and her elderly Client Camilla liked to go browsing at local thrift stores and antique shops.
  • Marcy, a Client who lives in a care facility, is visited each week by her Companion. Together they enjoy playing rummy, dominoes and going on occasional trips to Dairy Queen for ice cream.
Mike Maguire

Mike Maguire