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Companion care
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Appointment assistance
Physical supports/therapy
Dementia care
End of life care

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Why an agency?

When a family is calling around to find services for their loved ones, a question that often pops up is, “Why hire an agency when I can just hire an individual?”. While sometimes an individual can provide lower hourly rates, we believe there are some important differences between the two models of providing care. Find out why here

Why Paradigm?

Paradigm Home Health Services is a locally owned and operated agency that provides convenient, affordable, functional, and flexible supplemental care services for individuals and families.  We create, coordinate, and implement individualized support programs for people in their homes, in community facilities and various other settings. 

Mission statement and goals

We believe that thoughtful, individualized services are essential in order to enhance the quality of life of each person we serve.  We promote a team approach; client, family and other health and wellness providers working towards a common goal.

1. Promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

2. Empower each individual with meaningful choices

3. Assist people in carrying out activities of daily living

4. Maintain or increase a person’s level of independence

5. Provide purposeful recreational activities

6. Provide convenient, affordable on-site services which are accessible to everyone

7. Reduce caregiver stress

8. Assist people to remain in safe and familiar surroundings for as long as possible

9. Increase or maintain a person’s level of health

10. Play a role in public education

11. Be a community and socially-minded agency

12. Offer peace of mind to those we provide services to by ensuring quality services with a personal touch

By giving our clients meaningful choices, not only do we improve the individual’s quality of life, we also positively influence the way aging, illness, disability, and disease are viewed

Why choose an agency?

A few things to consider

Managerial support: all the work that gets done in the background- scheduling, advocating, ensuring the best support system possible

Pairing the client with the best staff: having the ability to utilize many staff with different skills and personality to match the client’s

Peace of mind: we only hire the best staff after a rigorous interview process. They are deeply caring and provide the most up-date information about the client when family is out of town

A team-based approach to quality of life and advocacy. We collaborate with all care providers to ensure the client’s quality of life

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