Recreation Therapy Service!

One of society’s most important discussions is how we can support seniors to maintain independent home living versus the believed inevitability of a life-changing move to a facility. Numerous studies, along with the burgeoning aging-in-place directive of the Alberta government, tout the myriad benefits of seniors staying in their homes, while also recognising the need for increasing levels of care to help through the aging process. Independence is achievable and many seniors can find themselves in their homes for longer.

It is with our longstanding ethos of quality-of-life care that Paradigm Home Health Services, a locally owned company in Lethbridge, is developing its own program to address this goal utilising Recreation Therapy (or RT). To develop this venture, Paradigm is initiating a pilot project that will invite interested parties to apply and then offer six seniors a no-cost, at home eight-week program provided by our RT educated staff.

“All of our services are individually designed and ensure the highest quality of care,” Mike Maguire, owner of Paradigm says. “The recreation therapy program is, to us, a specialised form of action that we believe can significantly improve the life of our clients and sustain independent living.  It considers the specific client’s wants and needs, rather than attempting to fit the client into a one-fits-all approach."

Two in-home sessions a week for the duration of the pilot will show the results we hope to achieve. We can use RT to overcome physical challenges from past injuries or poor health; lessen isolation to reduce depression and loneliness; restore cognitive functioning to keep the mind fit (an important exercise in those with dementia); and provide meaningful and enjoyable activities that lead to purposeful living.

Interested parties are invited to contact us for an application form and to generally discuss your desire to attend the pilot program. Those chosen will be contacted afterwards for a January/February program start. While there will be costs involved when this service is offered post-pilot, we will strive to make this as affordable as possible. We will also look for partnerships that might allow for subsidised opportunities in the future as well.

“We believe Paradigm is creating a service that addresses a major gap in services for seniors looking to stay in their homes,” Maguire says, “this service, along with those by other agencies and institutions, can help seniors achieve independent living and experience autonomy in their homes longer while reducing caregiver stress.”

We invite all inquiries to phone 403-394-1614, visit the website and email [email protected]

Mike Maguire

Mike Maguire